Fall is here and that means that most weekends I find myself packing the cooler and the picnic tote and heading off to Auburn for a day of tailgating and football. One of my favorite things to eat at our tailgate feast is grilled Conecah sausage. This hickory-smoked sausage, in my opinion, is just about the best sausage there is. It's made in Evergreen, Alabama in Conecuch County, and the company has been in business since 1947.

The regular sausage has just the right amount of spiciness for me, but they also have a Spicy and Hot smoked sausage and a Cajun version. When you grill the links, they get a little charred on the outside and wonderfully juicy and tender on the inside. There's really no need to bother with a bun. I just can't get enough, even though I know it's not ladylike to eat a whole pound of sausage myself. As long as my cousin keeps bringing the portable grill, we'll keep bringing the sausage and everyone is happy. There have been a few times when my team has suffered defeat on the field and my only consolation came from Conecuh county sausage. It's a must at any tailgate party.

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