I know lots of you are anxious for fall. Football season is right around the corner, advertisers are pumping up their new fall clothing lines, and the kids are finally back to school, which, in a parents world marks the end of summer.

While all of this might be true, I’m urging you in the strongest way possible to hold onto summer for just a little longer because you’ve got to taste this Easy Peach Cobbler.


It’s a decadent summertime dessert-truly one of Southern Living's best! With over 200 ratings and 175 five-star reviews, this is a gem on MyRecipes.

Here are 4 reasons why I think you should make this dessert:

1. It’s DELICIOUS. Seriously. I made it yesterday and my nose and stomach have never been happier. Picture this: fresh peaches, a dreamy, gooey crust, and an overlay of nutmeg composing this crazy-good cobbler. Not to mention, you MUST pair it with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. It’s only fair.

2. It’s easy to make! This peachy dessert truly lives up to its name. The most time-consuming step for me was skinning the peaches! If you can handle that, the rest is smooth sailing.

3. You’ll feel accomplished. Once you’ve made this Easy Peach Cobbler, not only will you impress family and friends, you’ll be impressed with yourself! This recipe is perfect for a serious cook or a kitchen novice. I know I’m no chef extraordinaire, so being able to bake something homemade and delicious in hardly any time was a great feeling!

4. August 22,2013 (aka, today) is National Eat-a-Peach Day! So there you have it. Now you feel obligated to participate and this recipe is the tastiest way to do it.

So don’t slip into the fall season just yet. Savor a little more summer and put those ripe peaches to perfect use in this drool-worthy dessert recipe.


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