For when a donut-flavored donut just isn’t enough.
dunkin yoplait
Credit: Instacart

Dunkin’ has certainly had a busy few months: The chain dropped the “Donuts” from its name in September, revamped its “espresso experience” in October, and announced new Girl Scouts-inspired coffee flavors in November.

If you thought the hardworking people at Dunkin’ would use the new year as an excuse to just chill out for a second, you were dead wrong.

Someone at @ThreeSnackateers spotted these donut-inspired Yoplait flavors at Walmart this week:

As someone who’s not a big fan of yogurt, I can honestly say I’d eat the heck out of those—especially Boston Kreme Donut.

Bustle reports that there’s actually a fourth flavor that isn’t pictured in @ThreeSnackateers post: French Vanilla Latte.

It’s important to note that two flavors--Apple Fritter and Boston Kreme Donut—are Yoplait Originals, while the other two--French Vanilla Latte and Cinnamon Coffee Roll—are Whips.

According to Yoplait’s website, Whips are lighter and fluffier than regular yogurts.

It’s not clear where these are available (other than Walmart), but images on Instacart show that you can also snag the sweet yogurts at Food Lion.