Just sign up to become a DD perks member, buy a drink, and it's yours.

Unless you’re the kind of person who really enjoys pretending it’s “spring” while it’s still cold out, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, or college basketball, March can be a pretty brutal and barren month on the calendar. Thankfully, you’ll soon be able to make at least one day of the week a bit better with three magic words: Free Donut Fridays.

You read that right: Dunkin’ just announced that on every Friday during the month of March, members of the Dunkin’ DD Perks Rewards Program can pick up a free doughnut with the purchase of any beverage. Given that all you really need to do to join DD Perks program is enroll for free within the Dunkin’ app, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Just tap a few buttons and get a free doughnut, basically.

On top of the opportunity to easily get one free Dunkin’ doughnut every Friday this month, everyone’s favorite New England-headquartered breakfast chain is offering its fans the chance to win free doughnuts for an entire year. To potentially do that, you’ll have to post an Instagram video or story themed around some sort of “Thank God It’s Free Donut Friday” cheer between March 4 and March 20. If you cheer hard enough for free doughnuts, well, you just might be the randomly selected grand prize winner who gets to enjoy Free Donut Monday through Sunday.

So unless you work in an office that already does Bagel Friday, you’re going to want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to claim a free Boston Kreme, Glazed Chocolate, or any of the other tips of Dunkin’ doughnuts that suit your tastes. Just don’t wait around until April, because that would be pretty foolish.