Make doughnuts with none of the hard work

By Tim Nelson
Updated May 08, 2020

Outside of doing puzzles and experiencing a deep sense of existential dread, creating baked goods has been the go-to activity of the great 2020 quarantine. Some show-offs out there are even making things like bagels & doughnuts to prove that they’re just that much better at doing breakfast than the rest of us.

There’s no need to feel left out entirely, though, thanks to Dunkin’s DIY doughnut decorating kits. Each comes equipped with four old fashioned doughnuts (the blank canvas of the Dunkin’ world), plus chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry frosting plus an array of colorful sprinkles. As a fierce defender of the Old Fashioned doughnut, this seems to me like four already-good doughnuts with a bunch of nice add-ons.

According to a press release, the existence of the DIY doughnut kit is the product of some creative problem-solving. An employee at a Concord, California Dunkin’ asked to bring home some doughnuts, frosting, and sprinkles to entertain her nephews, and the idea for the decorating kit was born.

For Matt Cobo, the franchisee whose employee Norma Valkenaar first came up with the idea, the DIY kits are a sweet way to keep kids entertained during a stressful time.

“This is our small way of trying to brighten someone’s day,” he said in the press release. “The simple joy of getting to create your own donut can make kids light up, and if we can be a part of creating that moment, that makes us happy.”

While not every Dunkin’ is offering these kits, the idea has caught on at locations across the country. Check with your local Dunkin’ outpost to see if you can grab one. Even if you don’t have kids to share this with, it’s a great chance to finally say “time to make the doughnuts” and actually mean it.