Escape that gnawing sense of dread with the help of a nostalgic snack.

In his sprawling 1996 novel Infinite Jest, the late David Foster Wallace described anhedonia as “a kind of spiritual torpor in which one loses the ability to feel pleasure […]. It's a kind of emotional novocaine.” If that’s the case, a pandemic that’s wiped everything off our calendars while leaving many of us trapped at home and jobless could probably be said to induce widespread anhedonia. If anything, it’s preferable to the state of unrelenting existential terror that one could easily fall into.

If you’re hoping to regain the ability to feel pleasure again, maybe dipping cookies into a vat of frosting will be enough to successfully rewire your brain. That’s right folks, Dunakroos are back on store shelves, according to multiple Instagram influencers who remain undaunted in their pursuit of snacks.

As the captions of both @Snackstalker and @SnackBetch’s posts indicate, your local 7-Eleven may be stocked with the nostalgia-inducing '90s snack as we speak. For their part, the official Instagram account of Dunkaroos (itself a head-spinning development) says that the throwback snack “will start rolling out at select retailers at the end of May.” As of now, it would seem that only one flavor of Dunkaroos will be available: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Between the wisdom that comes with age and an unprecedented amount of free time, perhaps this will be an opportunity for Millennials to consider the Dunakroo in ways they couldn’t back in the '90s. Who tricked our parents thinking cookies dipped in frosting were an acceptable snack? How, when, and why did a kangaroo get involved? Maybe there aren’t any easy answers. But in a world where nothing makes sense as it is, maybe we should just shut up and eat our Dunkaroos.