It's straight-up nostalgia in a can.

With the present offering little more than stress and visions of doom, it makes sense that so many of us would retreat into nostalgia in 2020. That’s why it felt like such a relief when we found out that Dunkaroos would be coming back, providing us with a sweet way to time travel to the '90s for a little bit.

Because food and beer culture is what it is, the return of Dunkaroos has been quickly and inevitably followed by the announcement of a Dunkaroos-themed beer, the not-so-creatively named Dunkabroos.

Described as “nostalgia in a can” by Fort Worth, Texas-based Martin house Brewing, Dunkabroos is an ale brewed with all of the sweet ingredients you’d want to find in a beer worthy of its namesake. Specifically, the can (which faithfully evokes the Dunkaroos aesthetic) mentions cookies, vanilla cream, and sprinkles, to create a “sweet, cookie filled brew that even has that frosting finish” that weighs in at a walloping 8% alcohol by volume, which is how you know that this is definitely for grown-ups.

Because life remains cruel and unfair, Dunkabroos was a limited-run offering from Martin House that was only sold at their Texas taproom. A follow-up Instagram post confirms that the special sweet beer has already sold out. The good news is that they now know how badly people want this stuff, and “will make a whole lot more next time.”

The good news is that you can still get your hands on normal Dunkaroos, and possibly a Dunkaroos cereal as well. So for now, hang tight and pair your regular ale with a side of Dunkaroos to approximate the experience. It could always be worse.