But good luck finding it.

By Tim Nelson
Updated October 18, 2019
Dr Pepper Birthday Cake
Credit: Instagram u/erikagc70

Birthday cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. You’ve got your classic chocolate. Your vanilla-frosted funfetti. Hell, go wild and have a supermarket’s bakery print a scanned picture on there. The point is, anything you can jam a candle onto can serve to commemorate the fact that its primary (but hopefully not only) recipient has taken another lap around the sun.

But is a birthday cake still a birthday cake if you put it in a cake? A new, ultra, ultra-rare Dr. Pepper variant seems keen to test that theory. According to snackfluencer @TheJunkFoodAisle, Birthday Cake-flavored Dr. Pepper is both real and delicious.

Describing itself as “icing on the cake”, this can’s artwork would suggest it tastes something like a vanilla frosting cake adorned with festive sprinkles that you’d grab from the bakery section of your local supermarket. @TheJunkFoodAisle’s caption states that “flavor wise it reminds me of Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix ice cream, which, good thing!” So it’s a soda that tastes like ice cream that’s trying to taste like a birthday cake. Pretty straightforward.

Whether or not that comparison appeals to you, the Instagrammer also notes that “the flavor can at times be subtle, but otherwise this is still great,” and that it “even smells like birthday cake,” ultimately awarding it a score of 4.7/5 stars.

If that sounds good to you, the bad news is that you’re gonna have to work pretty hard to find this. It’s only sold to members of Dr. Pepper’s #PepperPack, which is a sort of brand street team that gives members “exclusive access and special content-making opportunities,” as well as limited edition sodas that may never go on sale anywhere.

So if you love the idea of birthday cake in Dr. Pepper form enough to sign up, go for it. Otherwise, just dump a Dr. Pep on a birthday cake and see what happens.