And they mean big.
dominos australia big one
Credit: Domino's Australia

Fast food may have debuted in the U.S., but franchises all over the world continually school us with items that are so American it’s almost embarrassing that we didn’t think of them first. (See Canada, Japan, etc.)

Down in the Southern Hemisphere, Domino’s Australia is celebrating summer with a huge new item appropriately dubbed The Big One, Delish reported. The white whale of a pizza has a 40-inch diameter (an extra-large pizza is 16 inches wide, and unless my math is off that means the pizza has an area of approximately 8.726 square feet) and consists of four quadrants: Pepperoni, Supreme, Meatlovers, and Hawaiian. Sorry, Cheese and Veggie fans. Each flavor section includes three massive slices (each slice is 104.72 square inches). Delish went ahead and did the cost per slice, which is about $3, so thankfully I don’t have to do any more math.

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Sometimes more pizza means more problems, so Domino’s Australia put a cap on orders. They’ll only make two Big Ones per day, and you have to order one online 24 hours in advance. They even had to make new, roomier boxes. It also won’t fit in a standard car, so forget about delivery, and make sure to bring a few extra pairs of hands when you go pick it up. Also just a reminder, it’s only available in Australia. Bummer.