This candy creation is the park’s most coveted confection in years.

Disneyland is a magical place, and for good reason. In addition to its collection of characters, movie landmarks, and exhilarating rides, it’s full of fun theme park treats, including some you won’t find anywhere else. But for all the Dole Whip and cake pops, nothing seems to have caught on quite like Disney’s latest trendy creation.

We’re talking about Churro Toffee. It’s made up of two sweet tastes that you wouldn’t think work together, but totally do if Disneyland employees and some of the park’s biggest foodies are to be believed.

According to Foodbeast, who spoke to Disneyland employees about this increasingly popular park snack, Churro Toffee is made from toffee squares that are then wrapped in white chocolate and covered with a healthy sprinkling of the magical sugar and spice used to give the park’s cinnamon churro’s their delicious taste. The complete package is an alluring enigma of sweet flavors for a candy that’s uniquely Disneyland.

Apparently, the idea for a treat that takes toffee and adds on a layer of churro goodness has been on the minds of Disneyland’s candy creators as far back as 2013. Though it was shelved at the time due to a busy release schedule tied to the park’s 60th anniversary celebrations, it’s gained quite a bit of momentum since it first appeared at Pixar Pier in 2018. By the end of that year, it’d spread throughout the rest of Disnye’s California Adventure park.

Now, Disneyland Candy Production Manager Monica Weda says that these churro toffee squares are one of the biggest hits of her eight-year tenure at the park.

"The churro toffee has been Candy Production's number one selling item consistently, week over week." Weda told Foodbeast. "I've never seen a treat over the last nearly eight years that has had popularity this strong and consistent."

By the end of last year, churro toffee had become such an undeniable hit that other groups tasked with creating foods and drinks at Disneyland wanted a piece of the action. That led to the creation of Churro Toffee Cold Brew, as well as a Churro Marshmallow wand that basically looks like a dessert corn dog.

So if you find yourself at Disneyland and looking for something magical, unique, and well-loved, turn to the toffee churro. It sure seems like the taste of this thing is a memory you’ll want to bring back from your trip.