It has Oreo ears!
Credit: Disney Food Blog

The masterminds at Disney have clearly seen a demand for more Instagrammable treats and, boy, are they delivering.

From those humongous Mickey Mouse doughnuts to those incredibly detailed Aladdin-themed mini cakes, Disney Parks visitors have an abundance of photo-worthy desserts to choose from.

The latest—and perhaps most adorable—creation yet can be found at Schmoozies in Disney California Adventure. Friends, feast your eyes on the new Sorcerer Mickey Shake:

According to Disney Food Blog, the Sorcerer Mickey Shake is a cookies and cream shake topped with blue whipped cream and Oreo cookie ears.

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The blue whipped cream hat—complete with star-shaped sprinkles—is inspired by The Sorcerer's Apprentice, arguably the most recognizable segment in Disney's Fantasia.

Joining the milkshake on Schmoozies’ menu is the new Lemon Blueberry Magic Donut, a flaky donut with lemon-blueberry filling topped with sprinkles.


The doughnut is “AMAZING,” according to Disney Food Blog.

“The flavors are so well-balanced and delicious (even though we did think that the little Donald Duck behind on top sort of tasted like … soap). But overall this treat was totally worth the blue teeth we got by eating it!”

You can get the Sorcerer Mickey Shake for $7.49, while the Lemon Blueberry Magic Donut will set you back $8.99.