You know you want to.

By Hayley Sugg
August 09, 2017
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Dry your tears! Although it was recently announced that Disney movies will be leaving Netflix, the media giant also revealed that they have plans to provide their own streaming services eventually. While your cherished childhood movies are in digital limbo, appreciate your favorite films by cooking your way through each. From classics like Snow White and Cinderella, to modern masterpieces like Ratatouille, here are some of our favorite ways to eat like a Disney character.

Monsters Inc.

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One of the best scenes in Monsters Inc. is when Mike Wazowski and his girlfriend have a sushi date that goes awry. Interrupted by Boo, the little human, chaos ensues and nobody gets to enjoy their meal. But you can make sushi in the comfort of your home kitchen with this Sushi Burrito recipe. Stuffed with fresh salmon, seasoned rice, and fresh veggies, it will keep you satisfied throughout the movie.

Snow White

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The infamous poisoned apple is the only food that really takes center stage in Snow White. Innocent Snow White is gifted the fruit by the creepy witch, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. While this Caramel Apple Cake won’t put you to sleep by magical means, it could definitely contribute to a delicious carb coma.


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The ultimate foodie Disney film, Ratatouille (named after the famed French dish) focuses on Remy the rat as he uses his refined palate to help in a restaurant. When a notorious food critic comes to visit, it’s up to Remy and his human companion Linguini to team up and impress the critic with a plate of ratatouille. We’re happy to say that our Ratatouille Tart recipe is just as good, with the bonus of being easily portable.

Robin Hood

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With a hilarious plot, and even better soundtrack, Disney’s Robin Hood is a classic. While life as an outlaw is full of adventure, it also sometimes leads to a barren pantry, meaning it’s no real surprise that Robin Hood and Little John usually rely on veggie stew to get their nourishment. Forest-foraged favorites like carrots, leeks, and red potatoes are featured in our warming Spring Vegetable Soup recipe.

Lilo & Stitch

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In between dodging bounty hunters and learning to live with his newly adopted Hawaiian family, Stitch, the little blue alien, also begins to appreciate the concept of Earth’s baked goods. Lilo, his new best friend, bakes them a cake that Stitch quickly devours and then regurgitates to share. Thankfully, this New Classic Red Velvet Cake recipe is big enough that everyone can get their own slice, no ‘sharing’ required.



Toy Story

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A favorite for almost any 90’s kid, Toy Story is Pixar’s second best grossing film franchise (closely trailing Finding Nemo). In the original film, Woody and Buzz visit Pizza Planet in search of their owner, Andy. While there, they encounter kids hyped up on pizza, soda, and an undoubtedly sugary assortment of snacks. Recreate that cheesy pizza, and likely save yourself a load of grease, by making this Ultimate Cheese Pizza recipe.


The quintessential Disney princess, Cinderella’s popularity has spanned decades. Although her dreams ultimately come true, at the beginning of the film, Cinderella spends all of her time cooking and cleaning for her stepmother and stepsisters. One meal she serves them is porridge and tea. While we can assume (for the time this movie was produced) the dish was mainly just oats and water with maybe a little sugar, our version of Lemon-Blueberry Quinoa Porridge packs a bigger punch of flavor in every bite.