The Happiest Place on Earth indeed.

By Corey Williams
Updated June 11, 2019
Credit: Instagram/@wdwnt

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom just got a lot more magical. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet the FOMOsa, available at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Credit: Disney Food Blog

Disney Food Blog

Sure, the name is a tad cringey. FOMO, for those of you who aren’t hip to slang from 2011, means “fear of missing out.”

BUT it sounds like it tastes absolutely incredible. The newest Dole whip creation is basically orange soft serve and sparkling apple cider served in a champagne flute. Before you get too excited—the float doesn’t contain any alcohol. If you’re looking for a boozy treat in Disney World, you might want to try Wine Bar George’s new Frozcato or Tamu Tamu’s rum-infused Dole Whip.

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Disney Food Blog did what it does best and reviewed the new offering.

“Flavors here are super sweet, with that slight bite from the cider,” according to the blog. “It’s refreshing and feels oddly decadent to sip from a champagne flute in the Magic Kingdom. The apple flavor in the cider was still prominent even with the orange meltdown; and while it’s not a flavor combo we would have come up with on our own, the flavors went well together as a float.”

The FOMOsa is available now for $5.99 at Sunshine Tree Terrace.