The new Game of Thrones season 6 trailer was released this week and fans are aflutter about the nearing premiere. Get ready for the hit show's return to HBO on April 24th by preparing your own Game of Thrones themed dinner.


- Feel like a noble with this richly spiced mulled wine

- Curl up next to a warm fireplace (or direwolf) to enjoy this drink

- After you take the oath you can't have a wife or kids, but you can have this drink

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- Taste the spice of a dragon’s egg with a combo of sriracha and wasabi

- Even the Many Faced God can't resist these buttery broiled oysters

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Main Dishes:

- Spice-rubbed chicken is a meal worthy of the one sitting on the Iron Throne

- These pot roast hand pies are more likely to be on a peasant's table, but delicious nonetheless

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- You don't have to be beyond the Wall to enjoy this super savory wild rice

- Potatoes as rich as any Lannister's pockets

- Good, evil, or tasty? We know which one this salad is.

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Dragon Cupcakes

By Hayley Sugg and Hayley Sugg