Dipping slices in ranch is a thing of the past.

By Annie Campbell
Updated January 13, 2020

Frozen pizza is stepping up its flavor game just in time for the Super Bowl. DiGiorno, one of our freezer aisle favorites, released a new frozen pizza that combines two football watch-party staples: pizza and Buffalo chicken dip.

Here’s what to expect from this oven-ready pie: grilled white meat chicken, a drizzle of spicy Buffalo-style sauce, and a creamy base of cooling ranch sauce. Oh, and 2 ½ feet of cheese stuffed into the crust. There’s no tomato sauce on this pizza, but trust us, you won’t miss it.

For just over $7, you can grab this ranch-lover’s pizza from your local retailer and be halfway done with party planning.

Think about it. Would you rather call in a pizza order at the 11th hour (likely to arrive well past half-time) or have an epic pizza hot and ready at the exact moment of kick-off? Up to you, but we’re pretty sure this game day-perfect pie will be a win at your party no matter which teams are playing.