It's like a savory, time-traveling cronut.


We've heard back from Digiorno, and they say Croissant Crust pizza will be available at Target stores nationwide in May, and plan to expand to additional retailers soon. Croissant Crust pizza will come in three flavors, Pepperoni, Four Cheese, and Three Meat, and cost between $6.49 and 7.49.

Remember cronuts? Ah, what a simpler time that was. Dominique Ansel’s combination of a doughnut’s form with a croissant’s flaky dough was all the rage way back in 2013, to the point that people would wait in line for upwards of an hour (standing less than six feet apart) just to get a taste of one.

Though the cronut is but a distant memory, maybe Digornio’s Croissant Crust pizza (cropizza?) can fill that void in your stomach and life.

As the box indicates, this four cheese pizza (mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago, and romano) features “layers” of a “flaky & buttery” crust, much like a croissant would. Which I guess is kind of the point. Submitted by a fan to food-spotting Instagram @TheImpulsiveBuy, this new, revolutionary take on a pizza crust has been spotted at Target. It’s apparently so new that there’s no product listing for it on the Digiorno website yet. That also means we don’t exactly know what kind of other pizza options beyond four cheese might be available. One would think that a croissant-style crust could only safely support the weight of so many toppings, though.

It’s curious that Digiorno waited almost seven years after society’s interest in croissant-based fusions arguably peaked. But they still deserve some credit for trotting out a new take on pizza’s canvas at a time when most of us are at home and probably eating more frozen pizzas than we’d probably like.

So is it any good? Will fans of deep dish love or hate this? Who knows, but if you can’t safely do delivery right now, you might as well do this Digiorno.