Swap that wedding cake for pancakes.
denny's vegas
Credit: Denny's

People like to trash shotgun weddings performed by Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas, but you have to admit they at least ooze a little romance. Love is all about getting caught up in the moment, after all, and eloping down the street from a casino does have perks that traditional weddings don’t offer.

Plus, if you wed at Sin City’s Denny’s Chapel on Valentine’s Day, you get a discount, Delish reported. Aside from matrimony (couples that are already married have the option of a vow renewal or commitment ceremony), the $99 Valentine’s special comes with a silk bouquet and boutonniere, a champagne toast, and a certificate so you know it’s real. You will have to pay extra for a cake made out of Pancake Puppies, a.k.a. the breakfast equivalent of a cake pop.

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The standard wedding package, which retails for $199, includes all of the above as well as two commemorative t-shirts and two Original Grand Slam coupons towards your next visit.

The chapel, located on Fremont St., opened in 2013. Its inaugural union was that of Iowa residents Nancy Levandowski and Steven Keller. Of course, Denny’s isn’t the first Vegas restaurant franchise to offer wedding ceremonies. The Harmon Corner Taco Bell, for example, started officiating $600 weddings in 2017.

Simply fill out this form to reserve a wedding at the Denny’s chapel, on Valentine’s Day or any day.