Today in Oreo news…
dark chocolate Oreo
Credit: Oreo

It seems like something new and exciting happens in Oreo world every day. Seriously--we’re getting whiplash from all the delicious-looking cookies and cream products Nabisco is dropping left and right.

We can’t wait for Most Stuf, and the upcoming Carrot Cake Oreos certainly sound intriguing, but the most exciting creme-filled cookies of 2019 may just be Dark Chocolate Oreos. I repeat: Dark Chocolate Oreos.

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According to a press release, the cookie is inspired by “the dark days of winter” and will "help fans embrace the darkness and add a dose of playful excitement to the shorter and colder days ahead" in a totally sweet new way.

They’ll be released on December 21--the first official day of winter and, coincidentally, the darkest day of the year. (We are LOVING this dark and moody theme, by the way. Very hip. Very now.)

Dark Chocolate Oreos won’t hit shelves nationwide until January 2, though, so it looks like we’ll have to wait a couple weeks.

Well, darn. We’ll just have to console ourselves with our Oreo Dunking Set, Oreo Candy Canes, and Oreo Drink Mix in the meantime.