A suitable indoor treat.

With the world remaining a scary and confusing place where days have lost their meaning, the concept of “summer” seems illusory at best. At worst, the concept of summer will taunt us as we’re forced to remain indoors as an invisible pandemic continues to rage.

Either way, uncertainty about what this summer will look like hasn’t stopped Dairy Queen from unveiling a new line of Blizzard treats that one can enjoy from the comfort of their air conditioned living space.

There will be six flavors of Summer Blizzard for 2020, four of which are entirely new. Here’s a rundown of the new additions to the Blizzard lineup.

The Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard is probably going to be your best substitute for a trip to the zoo. It’s made from vanilla soft serve, blended with “frosted animal cookie pieces” and pink confetti frosting.

There’s the Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Blizzard, which you can sip on while thinking about all of the Marvel movies whose release dates have been pushed back. It’s made with chocolate chip cookie dough, “chocolatey cookie dough,” and fudge blended together. How the superheroine factors into this is anyone’s guess.

The Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard should be a nice beverage (do Blizzards count as a beverage?) to pair with your chocolate cherry cheesecake dessert hummus. In addition to the ingredients included in the name, you’ll find vanilla soft serve.

Finally, the Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard will make you long for the days when you could go outside and pick fresh berries. It combines vanilla soft serve with fudge, chocolate chunks, and real raspberries, just so you can remember what those taste like.

In addition to the new blizzards, the previously discussed Cotton Candy Blizzard will make its return, joined by the S’Mores Blizzard.

These Summer Blizzards will only be available for a limited time at Dairy Queen locations that happen to remain open (delivery or takeout is still an option), so make the most of it. Maybe they’re a good substitute for an AC if it really comes to that, but hopefully most of us will be allowed back outside again by the time the promotional period is over.