Ranch lovers, rejoice.

There are some people who insist that blue cheese is the superior dipping sauce for chicken, whether it be wings or tenders/fingers/strips. I’m here to tell you that every last one of those people is wrong. Ranch, that creamy, magical dipping sauce, is the superior choice for pretty much anything, but especially chicken (whether spicy or bland).

Thankfully for sensible chicken dippers, Dairy Queen sees it the same way. That explains why they’ve teamed up with Hidden Valley Ranch, pretty much THE go-to name in the world of buttermilk-based dressing. In essence, DQ’s Chicken Strip Basket is getting a major upgrade with the presence of “house-made” Hidden Valley Ranch, the perfect compliment to white meat strips, fries, and Texas Toast. Oh, and you can get it on DQ’s salads, if that’s a thing you like to order from a place called Dairy Queen.

Credit: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Not only will Hidden Valley fans not only have a chance to drizzle their DQ in copious ranch, but they’re teaming up for a sort of ranch x chicken merch collaboration as well. For a limited time, you can get your hands on a series of chicken and ranch-themed activities perfect for keeping busy during the cold and isolated winter to come. The House-Made Collection includes a chicken and ranch-themed cornhole board, a 1000-piece Ranch Canyon puzzle, a Dip(paint)-By-Numbers kit for painting a beautiful portrait of chicken and ranch, and a chicken strip cross-stitch kit to suit all your chicken and ranch-oriented needlepoint needs.

Sure, none of these are quite as useful as a keg of ranch, but people are going to need to stock up on more puzzles for the winter soon enough. You can buy those limited-edition House-Made Collection items starting at 3 p.m. Thursday, October 1st, though the actual edible collaboration between DQ and HV is available at participating locations nationwide now. So get out there and ranch it up!