They've released an official statement.

By Tim Nelson
March 13, 2020


UPDATE: Dairy Queen has released an official statement regarding the future of Free Cone Day. Like other canceled events, this just isn't worth risking the general public's health.

While it probably won’t involve as many people enjoying the day outside in public places as usual, spring will nevertheless arrive soon. That (normally, at least) brings with it increased interest in eating ice cream outside, a tasty treat that tastes even better when you don’t have to pay for it.

I mention that last part because Dairy Queen has decided to commemorate the annual thaw of winter’s chill with a deal on free cones. On Thursday, March 19, you can get your hands on a free small vanilla soft-serve cone at participating Dairy Queen locations throughout the United States.

Though it’s the sixth annual installment of Dairy Queen’s donation of complimentary soft serve ice cream to customers, 2020 is also the Blizzard seller’s 80th birthday. They’ve been running a buy one Blizzard and get a second Blizzard for 80 cents deal that ends on March 15, which unfortunately doesn’t overlap with their free cone day. Still, you can get a whole bunch of Dairy Queen for pretty cheap within a one week span if you time it right.

And lest we forget, March 19th, 2020 will also be a fateful day in Dairy Queen history. Why? Because that’s when their Cotton Candy Dipped Cone is set to finally make its nationwide debut. There’s no way your Dairy Queen is letting you walk out of there with one of those things for free, though.

So, yes. Our country’s dairy royalty has seen fit to bestow the gift of free vanilla ice cream to its subject in honor of the equinox. Take advantage of it. May March 19 be a day that Dairy Queen customers long remember.