Because comfort is always the top priority.

By Briana Riddock
Updated March 06, 2018
Leggings collage
Credit: Courtesy of Lotus/ Goldsheep/ Beloved

It’s official; leggings, yoga pants, and athleisure wear has taken over the fashion market as women’s preferred choice of clothing over jeans. The number don’t lie. In 2017, elastic knit pants imports surpassed denim imports for the first time, according to U.S. Census Bureau data reported by Quartz. This shift in casual wear has transitioned athletic clothing from practical choices for the yoga studio or gym to outfits for everyday life. Point being, athleisure clothing is the new standard of comfort, style, and durability. Not to mention, it’s a true fashion statement; and with all the funky patterns and bright colors available, we found the best food-themed athletic leggings that are as perfect for mornings of green smoothies and mastering your sirsa padasana pose as they are for running afternoon errands.

[tempo-ecommerce src=" " title="Women's Bite-Size Baked by Melissa Leggings by Terez" context="body"] ($78)

Baked by Melissa Leggings
Credit: Courtesy of Terez

Courtesy of Terez

If you think Baked by Melissa cupcakes are irresistible, you’re going to love these comfy pants. Everyone’s favorite bite-sized cupcakes are printed all over these leggings for a super sweet look.

Pizza Yoga Pants by Beloved ($70)

Pizza yoga pants.jpg

I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t crave pizza, and these leggings would be a beautiful expression of my insatiable appetite for the cheesy and tomato-y pie. These pizza-inspired yoga pants are perfect to wear to your next cycle or zumba class, and to your fave pizza spot after.

Pancake Leggings by Society6 ($40)

Pancake Leggings
Credit: Society6


These pancake printed leggings are practically made for weekends spent lounging around the house. Major weekending bonus points to anyone who makes pancakes while wearing pancake pants.

Pineapple Printed Leggings by Lotus Leggings ($50)

Credit: Courtesy of Lotus Leggings

Courtesy of Lotus Leggings

ARE YOU READY to have the cutest outfit at the gym?? If so, this pineapple printed leggings are for you.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Popsicle Floatie by Goldsheep" context="body"] ($98)

Popsicle leggings
Credit: Courtesy of Goldsheep

Courtesy of Goldsheep

Before you go into your next “child’s pose,” bring out your inner childlike spirit with this rad, ice cream truck-inspired popsicle print.