Necco who?
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FYI: Custom Conversation Hearts Exist
Credit: Instagram u/MyCustomCandy

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s something you should know if you don’t already: Necco’s SweetHeart Conversation Hearts are no more.

Well, kind of. Spangler Candy Company—which now controls the SweetHearts brand—says the classic conversation hearts should be back for next year.

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But what are supposed to do in the meantime? We need sugary chalk bricks now, damn it.

Thank God, MyCustomCandy exists to fill the tiny heart-shaped void in our lives and, as it turns out, they’re even better than Necco’s old fashioned version!

You don’t have to bore your S.O. with “BE MINE,” “XOXO,” and other trite phrases anymore—you can inscribe these however you want.

"When we heard of the financial troubles Necco was having and their problems finding a suitable buyer, we knew we'd be at risk of not having candy hearts to sell this year," MyCustomCandy owner Sarah Hannington said in a press release.

Celebrity clients like Kim Kardashian have put MyCustomCandy on the map.

"One year an order came in with the wildest phrases we had ever seen and we went, 'Well okay, let's just print it,’” Hannington said. “A few days later, one of our workers says, 'Kim Kardashian just snapchatted our candy,' sure enough it was her order."

You can order your own custom hearts here. Packages start at $48 for 350 pieces. If you want to receive your candy before Valentine’s Day, order by February 1—and if you’re more of a chocolate fan, you can also order personalized M&M’s here.