Summer in a sponge.
Credit: Instagram u/threesnackateers

We’re calling it now: Historians will look back on 2019 as the summer of creamsicles.

From Dairy Queen’s Dreamsicle-dipped cone to the new orange creamsicle-filled Twizzlers, we’re kind of getting Orange Crush-flavored whiplash.

Hostess is the latest brand to jump on the trendy train: Orange Crème Pop Twinkies are about to be a thing, according to Instagrammer @threesnackateers.

“COMING SOON! Orange Creme Pop Twinkies,” the caption reads. “These are limited-edition so be on the lookout in early July.”⠀

While there were a few negative Nancies in the comment section (“After the great cotton candy twinkies let-down if 2017, I can never get excited about a Twinkie again,” lamented one unimpressed Instagram user), most people seem genuinely excited about the limited-edition snack cakes.

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“This just may be the first Twinkie I will ever try,” one commenter said.

“Omg!!! I cannot wait to try these,” said another.

According to the packaging, the tube-shaped golden sponge Twinkie cake (that we all know and love) will be filled with bright orange crème filling.

All we know about the cakes is what we learned from @threesnackateers Instagram caption—that they’ll be released in late July—but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.