Equal parts wiggly and weird.

By Sarra Sedghi
Updated November 26, 2018
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c3po mold.jpg
Credit: sixdegrees

Even if you dislike Jell-o, you can’t deny that it’s fun to observe.

Gelatin is inanimate but has a life of its own. It shakes when lifted and placed, dances when prodded. Its union with molds is one of the truest partnerships in existence. It’s fascinating in any shape, but especially wacky when it takes shape as something beyond a bundt or cubes stacked in a parlor cup.

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Thanks to its flexible nature, Jell-o can adhere itself to all kinds of parameters: silicone molds meant for chocolates, pans nominally intended for cookies or cakes. If the mold fits, not even a moral compass can stop the architect.

jelly holly.jpg
Credit: Amazon


If you’re looking for something malleable, like silicone, Amazon is a good bet. They’ve got nice traditional (non-scary) molds like this holiday wreath bundt, but their selection also includes more detailed canvases such as this intricate fondant mold or these weird little angels. Amazon is also home to the most frightening silicone mold in existence: this sleeping baby.

sleeping baby jello.jpg
Credit: Amazon


If you’re more into metal pans or kooky shapes, then Ebay and Etsy are the way to go. Etsy’s pretty much a treasure trove of whimsical vintage molds that you might not find anywhere else—this hippo pan and C3PO Mold are pretty good examples, but if you’d like something more traditional, something like this bear mold or copper-coated rooster may be a better fit. Supposing you prefer your molds sans function, options like this mushroom pan are pretty enough to just hang on the wall.

mushroom mold.jpg
Credit: YesterdaysPieces