Get your cow costumes ready.
Cow Appreciation Day Getty 7/9/19
Credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images, CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Exciting news! You can finally put that old cow costume that’s collecting dust in your basement to good use—what, doesn’t everybody have one of those?

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A, and customers who show up dressed like the chain’s bovine mascot will get a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner entree.

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If you don’t already own a commercial-ready cow costume (weird, but OK), Chick-fil-A says it’s totally acceptable to improvise.

“Any sort of cow apparel" is admissible, according to the chain’s website.

People have been sharing their best cow get-ups on social media. Some are adorable…

...some are creative…

...and some are downright elaborate.

This is the 15th year of the Chick-fil-A-invented “holiday.” While most Cow Appreciation Day observers are just out to collect free chicken, others are using the opportunity to honor the farm animal’s existence—pretty dang wholesome, if you ask us.

How do you participate in today’s event? Don your cow-inspired garb (whatever that may be), head to Chick-fil-A before 7 p.m., and get your free entree.

This udder-ly amazing promotion only comes once a year, so you should milk it for all it’s worth.