Consider us crunch-a-tized, Cap’n.
cotton candy capn crunch
Credit: Instagram u/@cereallife

Quick: Think of the sugariest thing you possibly can. You got something in mind? Whatever it is, I bet it is not sweeter than cotton candy-flavored Cap’n Crunch.

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Multiple junk food Instagram accounts have reported that the new flavor will hit shelves sometime this summer.

One account, @cereallife, posted a photo of the box in late March with the caption “CEREAL LEAK.”

There wasn’t much said on the subject after that—until @thejunkfoodaisle shared an exclusive look at the cereal captioned “Here’s a more official look at Cap’n Crunch’s Cotton Candy Crunch, hitting shelves this June!”

Besides its alleged existence and possible June release, we don’t know anything about the product. However, if recent junk food trends are any indication, consumers are likely going to freak out over the bright pink and sky blue cereal.

So far, Quaker Oats hasn’t commented on the carnival-themed flavor—but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.