Summer can officially begin.

By Corey Williams
Updated April 02, 2019

Costco’s popular Slim Chillers’ Skinny Freezers (a.k.a those boozy popsicles you probably heard about last summer) are back on shelves, according to some social media users.

The Costco fan account @costcodeals reported their return with an Instagram post this week.

Fans of the vodka pops freaked out (obviously) and took to the comment section to share where they’re currently stocked.

So far, Skinny Freezers have been spotted in Wisconsin and California stores—but they’ll likely soon be available at the Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado locations that sold them last year.

The pops, which are available in Appletini, Lemon Drop, Watermelon Lemonade, and Cosmopolitan flavors, boast an 8% ABV.

Prices can fluctuate by location, but most people have reported that they’re being sold in packs of 12 for $19.99.

If your local Costco doesn’t sell liquor, you can still enjoy the 100-calorie pops by the pool this summer! According to Slim Chillers’ website, Skinny Freezers are also available at Total Wine & More and BevMo.

Happy slurping!