Get your mask on and grab a giant slice.

By Tim Nelson
Updated May 14, 2020

Though Costco’s primary draw is obviously its wide range of weird and wonderful foods it sells in truly massive quantities, don’t count its food court out too quickly. This VIP, members-only home of cheap eats has plenty of good concession stand-style menu items, and it can be a lifesaver if you’re trying not to (over)shop on an empty stomach.

While Covid-19 forced Costco to stop giving out samples and led the retailer to issue an official decree requiring customers to wear masks less than two weeks ago, it looks like food courts might be back very soon.

According to a post from Instagram account @TheCostcoConnoisseur (one of seemingly many Costco influencers out there), it looks like at least some Costco locations out there have fired up the food court pizza ovens for hungry customers. Hungry shoppers prayed and “THE FOOD COURT GODS” answered.

Given the circumstances, Costco’s food courts aren’t going straight back to business as usual. As @TheCostcoConnoisseur’s post indicates, this particular food court was operating with a pared-back menu “to focus on just the essentials.” In this case, that means cheese and pepperoni pizza (slices as well as whole pies), plus hot dogs and soda. If you want churros or anything crazy like that, you’re just going to have to hang tight and be patient.

There’s no indication yet whether food courts will reopen at Costcos across the board, or if they will reopen selectively at locations in certain states that have reopened dining rooms. Given that @TheCostcoConnoisseur’s post notes that the food court they spotted is carryout only, this policy could theoretically be applied to Costcos nationwide.

So if you’ve had a particular craving for Costco pizza that local slice joints just can’t satisfy, the time to safely proceed to your local Costco with a mask on is now. Oh, and maybe buy some toilet paper while you’re there.