Someone alert E.T.

Costco truly is a magical place. Once you show your membership card and walk through the door, there’s no telling what kind of weird and wonderful bulk items. Sometimes the deals they offer are practical (because that’s why so many people shop there, dummy), but other times you’ll find something you never knew you needed multiple pounds of until it appears before your eyes in an oversized container.

As you might imagine, a giant three-pound jar of Reese’s Pieces falls firmly in the latter category, an extravagance spotted by @CostcoDeals that couldn’t come at a better time given that Halloween is right around the corner.

Spotted at an Oregon Costco, this is exactly what the label suggests it is: a 48-ounce jar of Reese’s Pieces, all in the signature shades of orange, yellow, and brown. I don’t know exactly how many Pieces of Reese’s that translates to, but I’d imagine that even someone with the sweetest tooth would be pretty set on peanut butter-flavored chocolate for a while.

Right now, you’re probably thinking that purchasing this many Reese’s Pieces at once is impractical and unnecessary. This is false. For starters, buy one of these jars and you’ve got all of your Halloween candy needs covered already. Alternatively, you can use this to host one of those contests where people have to guess how many pieces of candy are in a giant jar. So really there are multiple ways to use this gargantuan three-pound tub of Reese’s Pieces. It’d almost be foolish to not buy it.

So pop on down to your local Costco, where you’ll hopefully find a crapton of Reese’s Pieces, and some other (even more) useful stuff, too. The country’s on fire and we’re in the midst of a plague, so don’t let anyone stop you from living your truth.