When it comes to Halloween foods, it pretty much begins and ends at candy. You could argue that other creepy desserts might have a role to play, but that’s about it.

The thing is, unless you plan on fasting until after the sun goes down on October 31st, you’ll need something to provide you with sustenance before the candy binge begins. Luckily, as is so often the case when it comes to even your most esoteric eating needs, Costco has it covered.

It gives me great joy to report that the big box retailer has brought Nuovo Pasta’s fun, festive bat and pumpkin-shaped cheese ravioli is back in stock just in time for Halloween, with @Costco_Empties (yet another Costco-loving Instagram account) making the crucial find.

Much like the time Costco decided to sell St. Patrick’s Day-themed ravioli, this is simply a four-cheese blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago, fashioned into the shape of autumnal pumpkins and creepy bats. On the one hand, it feels like not incorporating the taste of pumpkin into this ravioli was a real missed opportunity. However, I think we should all be grateful that it doesn’t try to recreate the taste of a bat.

Credit: @costcobuys


Because Costco is Costco, Nuovo Pasta’s Pumpkins & Bats ravioli is sold in family-sized 2 pound servings for $8.79. Heck, buy a bunch and freeze them until next October, because who the hell knows what the world has in store for us between now and then.

So if you’ve always wanted to impersonate Ozzy Osbourne by biting the head off of a bat but have been too afraid to put your health at risk, get on down to Costco. Your kids probably won’t know what you’re trying to do, but they’ll love you for getting this fun fall pasta for them anyway.