You can have your cake and keep part of it, too.

With fall fully here, it’s time to officially give up on eating anything healthy and just lean into enjoying scarfing down whatever tastes good. As the days get shorter and the Thanksgiving and holiday seasons approach, fall flavors like maple and pecan are a perfect warmup for a time of year that’s largely defined by easy access to all manner of delicious baked goods.

If you happen to be in the mood for something indulgently maple-flavored and also in need of a reusable ceramic pot, then a trip to Costco is probably in order. As spotted by @CostcoBuys, the big box retailer (that’s inspired an army of Instagram fan accounts) has stocked up on some Pots & Co. maple & pecan lava cakes, which look pretty dang delicious if box art is any indication.

According to the description, these are handmade cinnamon cakes “topped with crunchy pecans, [and] with a molten maple caramel center.” Think of it as like a giant maple cinnamon bun covered in pecans, and you’re probably pretty close to the truth. And because Costco is Costco, it sounds like these are available in packs of four, meaning you won’t have to share if you don’t want to.

Whereas most other lava cakes leave you full of tasty carbs and perhaps a little bit of regret, the good news here is that your purchase includes the aforementioned reusable ceramic pot. It can function perfectly as a vessel for French onion soups, hearty winter chilis, or just as a souvenir that’ll remind you of the time you ate a really good maple and pecan lava cake.

Based on what @CostcoBuys has to say, it looks like you can find these at least at Bay Area Costcos, though it’s entirely possible (hopefully, at least) that they’re more widely available than that. If you see them, make like a squirrel and hoard some pecans for the winter, because you won’t regret it.