Leave the construction to someone else and focus on decorating.
Credit: @Costcohotfinds

The holidays are an incredibly busy time of year, what with all the shopping, cooking, decorating, and scaring children into behaving. While putting together a gingerbread house can be a wonderful family activity, adding a small-scale architectural project to your to-do list is the last thing anyone really needs.

That’s where Costco comes in. You're already stopping by to pick up a dragon full of brandy or a jug of eggnog wine cocktail, so you might as well pick up a shortcut for a bothersome, yet fun holiday activity. The bulk retailer that already makes life easier thanks to its penchant for selling just about everything in mass quantities is offering an ingenious way to streamline the process of gingerbread house creation this winter. Specifically, they’re selling a kit that gives you a completely prefab gingerbread home.

As noted by Instagram account @CostcoHotFinds, this thing is ideal for anyone who has “ever built a gingerbread house with a 2 year old” and had to contend with a shoddy foundation, collapsing walls, and any manner of mishaps that would get any decent contractor fired. Instead, Costco is letting you take more shortcuts during the building process than even the sleaziest contractor.

Of course, putting a totally completed gingerbread house in a box and selling it for $9.99 would defeat the purpose of such a project altogether. To that end, this Costco kit leaves you room to tastefully arrange the icing, gumdrops, and assorted other candies as you see fit. Basically, think of it as a process of exterior decorating rather than homebuilding and you get the picture.

So if you’re looking to enjoy a time-honored holiday tradition without worrying about the structural integrity of a baking material, look no further than Costco’s pre-built, super-tiny home. The gingerbread family that has to live inside this thing will thank you.