It clocks in at more than two whole pounds of cake.
12318_Getty Tiramisu
Credit: AD077/Getty Images

Much like the state of Texas, everything seems to be bigger and better inside a Costco. The big box retailer that sells products ranging from cheap, Kirkland-branded beer to giant bags of popcorn has pretty much everything you could imagine housed within its walls.

That includes, it would seem, a giant tiramisu bar cake that measures about the length of a human arm. Discovered by @CostcoBuys, an Instagram account that dutifully reports on the wild, weird, and wonderful world of Costo products, this giant cake is “like a little slice of Italy right in Costco.” But from my perspective, the word “little” doesn’t belong anywhere near this absolute unit of a cake:

Now, for the stats: featuring the classic tiramisu tastes of coffee and chocolate, this behemoth of a baked good weighs in at a whopping 38 OUNCES. I swear there are probably tiny dogs that weigh less than this spongy cake. With a retail price of $15.99, that’s more than two ounces of cake per dollar, which I’d say registers as a good deal.

With the holiday season not too far away, you could probably buy one of these things and be the hero of your holiday party (and you don’t even have to tell them it’s from Costco). Or you can challenge yourself to eat 38 ounces of tiramisu in one sitting and just kind of see what happens. It’s a free country and the choice is yours.

So rush on down to your local Costco (or game the system by shopping without a membership online) to grab the Italian mother of all cakes before someone buys them all and sells them on the bakery black market. Even if you don’t finish the whole thing, you won’t regret it.