A low ABV version of eggnog that you don't have to assemble at home.

Ah, eggnog. Pour a glass of it in October and everyone will look at you like you’ve lost your mind, but somehow it’s perfectly acceptable to spike with all sorts of liquors starting the minute you get up from Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, if you love boozy eggnog so much that you’d buy it in bulk without really knowing what kind of alcohol is in it, then Costco has some great news for you. @CostcoBuys, one of what seems like a whole string of Instagram accounts dedicated to hunting down the most interesting Costco products, has spotted a Kirkland Signature edition of ”Traditional Holiday EggNog Wine Cocktail” on the shelves of the big box retailer.

It appears that this is 1.5 liters of 13.9% ABV eggnog goodness. The @CostcoBuys caption claims that it’s made with “real dairy cream” as well. It’s an elegant solution for preparing a big batch of uniformly alcoholic eggnog cocktails in a pinch at your next holiday party.

As with everything that feels too good to be true, there’s a catch: the labelling isn’t very forthcoming about what exactly makes this a “wine cocktail.” While most eggnog would be spiked with your choice of rum, brandy, or whiskey, this seems like a notable exception. Given the ABV and liquor laws in whatever jurisdiction that this bottle was sold, it could be something of a labelling/production loophole, similar to the non-liquor at Taco Bell’s Cantinas that is fermented but not distilled. This would effectively allow Costco to sell the product without needing one of those pesky liquor licenses.

But when it’s being sold for $8.99 a bottle, who really cares about all that? It still packs more than enough of a punch to warm you up on a cold winter’s night. And if you don’t like the way it tastes, just find a way to regift it or something! It’s not the end of the world.