Gingerbread houses are so December.
Costco bunny hutch
Credit: Instagram u/ floating.seaotter, Instagram u/costco_doesitagain

If you’ve ever been in the vicinity of a bunny hutch, you know that nothing about the cage, its contents, or its smell could be described as appetizing.

But Create a Treat, a company known for its gingerbread houses, has chosen to ignore that reality and focus solely on the “cute” with its adorable Cookie Bunny Hutch.

Instagram user @Costco_doesitagain spotted the Easter-themed treat at Costco this week.

The hutches are pre-built, so you don’t have to worry about assembling it yourself. The kit comes with assorted pastel candies and icing for decorating. Two bunny-shaped cookies are also included.

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If you plan to eat the hutch after the decorating fun is over (no judgment here), the cookie flavor isn’t clear from the box, though the dark brown color leads me to believe it’s chocolate.

Easter may still be a few weeks away, but people are already getting creative with their hutches.

Each kit is only $9.99. Check with your local Costco about availability.