This thing is HUGE.

Weddings are romantic and beautiful celebrations of love and blah, blah, blah. Sure, the bride’s dress and the decor is important—but let’s be honest: It’s all about that cake.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for our waistlines), wedding cakes don’t come cheap. A good one could set you back thousands.

That’s why we’re SUPER impressed by this ginormous wedding cake that only cost one couple $50 (thanks to Delish for bringing this gorgeousness to our attention).

The beautiful photo was shared by Instagram blogger Jessica, aka @cottagefarmhouse. According to the caption, Jessica’s brother and his new wife pieced together the budget-friendly cake themselves.

The frugal couple apparently bought two cakes from Costco, “cut them, stacked them, re-iced with buttercream icing,” and then covered the masterpiece with $10 Trader Joe’s flowers.

After several requests from followers, Jessica announced that she’ll eventually post step-by-step instructions.

"Next birthday, I plan on recreating this cake!" she said.

Looking for a less traditional wedding cake? Costco’s got you covered. The superstore is selling this huge wedding cake made of just cheese—that’s our kinda cheesecake.