Yes, eating this counts as self-care.

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2020
Credit: @Costcofinds

By now, every responsible person in a relationship has their Valentine’s Day plans very much locked down. But what are all the lonely hearts to do? Sit alone in a dark room watching Netflix? Gather with fellow single friends to throw a massive Galentine’s Day party?

Well, no matter how you answered that question, you should probably make this gargantuan red velvet cake from Costco a central part of your February 14th “festivities.” Spotted by social media sleuth @CostcoBuys, this bakery section find apparently weighs in at a Costco-sized two POUNDS.

This tasty (cathartic?) treat features everything you’d want from a decked-out red velvet cake. Beyond the visually striking core component, this bad boy features cream cheese mousse, cream cheese icing, brownie chunks. It’s also topped with little chocolate hearts to either remind you of what you’re celebrating or just pour a little more salt in the wound.

Regardless of relationship status, everyone should be able to appreciate that you can get two pounds of this trendy red velvet cake cake for just $16. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially once you consider the fact that multiple @CostcoBuys fans who’ve already tried this baked good commented to voice their approval.

As with all things Costco, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find it at your local outpost of the big box retailer. But there’s probably some other stuff you’ve been meaning to buy in bulk from there anyway, so there’s surely no harm in making a trip just to make sure…

So whether your significant other needs a significant amount of cake or you just want to steadily eat your feelings until after Leap Day, look no further than this massive hunk of red velvet cake. No one at Costco has to know it’s just for you. It’ll be our little secret.