Plus some interesting regional wrinkles.

I hope you’re sitting down right now, because I have some pretty shocking news: People have been ordering more takeout during a pandemic that’s closed restaurants and trapped everyone at home. Ok, while that data point probably isn’t all that surprising, a closer look at what exactly people have been ordering might yield some more eyebrow-raising statistics.

According to order data compiled by Grubhub from March 16 to April 16 and shared with Fox News, there’s been a surge in interest for breakfast deliveries. Orders of sausage, egg, and cheese croissants were up 316 percent from normal, and sausage egg and cheese biscuits (huge difference) jumped 136 percent. Grubhub users are collectively ordering doughnuts with 112 percent greater frequency as well.

Beyond the fact that everyone seems to be replacing their brunches with takeout orders, there were some interesting regional variations that jumped out. For example, everyone in the Northeast seemed to develop a simultaneous craving for Nashville hot chicken, as orders for that particular Tennessee treat jumped by 157 percent. The Midwest really seems to have transitioned into hibernation mode, ordering a lot more fried cheese curds (110 percent) and red velvet cupcakes (93 percent) than normal.

The South seems to have stayed true to its Tex-Mex and BBQ roots. Burrito bowls surged by 298 percent (probably because they travel well) and a 119 percent rise in baby back ribs shows that even a pandemic and potential supply issues can’t stop those pork cravings.

So if you’ve had some particular (or particularly odd) cravings recently, you’re not alone. As long as you’re doing what you can to support local restaurants (which probably means placing an order directly instead of going through Grubhub) and tipping well, it’s all good.