Heritage Distillery’s FDA-approved option is available online, too.


Remember approximately three million years ago (March) when the world was in a panic about stocking up on hand sanitizer? What a comparatively quaint time that now seems. While the hand sanitizer supply was a legitimate concern back then, distillers have used their alcohol, equipment, and manpower to make hand sanitizer and help fill the gap.

And as with all things available in bulk, it looks like you can now buy a very large bottle of distillery-made hand sanitizer from Costco. According to Instagram Costco-fluencer @CostcoBuys, Heritage Distilling Co.’s hand sanitizer is available for sale at Costcos in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and northern California.

Sold in a 750 milliliter bottle that makes it look pretty identical to a fifth of vodka at first glance, Heritage’s hand sanitizer is meant to serve as a refill for antiseptic spray bottles since it doesn’t have a gel consistency. Weighing in at 80 percent alcohol by volume, Heritage’s product listing notes that it uses FDA-compliant ethanol in a concentration that far exceeds the minimum threshold of 60 percent alcohol required for an effective hand sanitizer.

While you can’t beat the convenience of picking this up from a Costco, Heritage has other ways to get you what you need. Not only are they selling the hand sanitizer from their tasting rooms across Washington state and in Eugene, Oregon, they’ll ship it anywhere in the continental US if you place an order online. Even better, you can make a donation of between $5 and $100 to help get their hand sanitizer to nonprofits.

So while vodka still doesn’t count as hand sanitizer, it’s good to know that you can get the medical-grade, FDA-approved stuff from the same place you can buy pounds of deli meat. Do with that info what you will.