Last week my daughter turned 1 and I needed to find something for her to bring in to daycare to celebrate with her little friends. Although she's only there a few hours a week, if some of that time can be spent mashing her little fingers through cupcakes and frosting, all the better, right? I had my mind set on making some bite-size little sweet treats and went online to find a carrot cake recipe that I planned on making mini cupcake size. I'm all for a little sugar, but 8 one-year-olds on a sugar high can get a little crazy.


I thought I was in good shape when I found a recipe on AllRecipes that had some 1200 positive reviews - how could I go wrong with that, right? Well, 45 minutes later when I was pulling the batch out of the oven, I found out that something went wrong, somewhere. Now a week later, I'm still not sure why the recipe bombed. It certainly was easy enough to follow, yet the end results were inedible, even for little 1-year-olds that are more than willing to eat most anything. By now it was 10 pm and I was beyond tired, and I still had nothing to send in with her - ack!

I turned to Cooking Light's website in the hopes of finding something wonderful (and that I would have all the ingredients on hand for as well). As luck would have it, I found a recipe for Banana Cupcakes. Perfect! Madeline loves banana bread, so a cupcake form of her favorite with frosting on top? Even better! Happy baby smiles all around, Cooking Light saves the day.