Here's an update from our friend Marge Perry about the huge cookie "bake-a-thon" organized to raise money for kids' cancer research. Congrats on a great job for a great cause.


We had an incredible group of volunteers at all times. We started at 6.30 in the morning and went clear through to midnight. It was amazing to see people young and old work together with the single goal of getting these cookies baked and packaged and out the door. We had a million “best” moments: they all had to do with the wonderful giving spirit of over 100 volunteers who worked in shifts throughout the day. I wish I could name them all, because they sure deserve credit. There was the ICE (Institute of Culinary Education, where we did the baking) employee who worked from morning until his 3:00 pm shift—and then came back after his shift and stayed until midnight. His connection? Simply that he saw what we were doing and knew he could help. Or the working Mom who was supposed to leave at 5.30—and finally asked her husband and 12 year-old daughter to come help instead of having dinner. They stayed until the baking was done. There were the ladies who came with their 13-year old boys, and signed up to hold big bake sales in their own neighborhoods before they left. The list goes on and on…Over a hundred people baking and packaging cookies together, giving their time and their hearts to help save children’s lives.


Okay, enough of the mushy stuff:, I should ‘fess up about our worst moment. When the very last box of cookie dough was set out on trays and ready to bake, a bunch of us gave a collective “Whoopee!” of joy—and two minutes later discovered two cartons of unbaked cookies. No time for whining, though-- we took a deep breath, continued on. I am happy to report we still managed to finish the baking ahead of schedule.


Check out the video with Liam, the little boy who is the inspiration for all this baking. You can host a bake sale, too (and you don’t have to bake 30,000 cookies to have one!) . Between now and December 31st, Glad is matching all money raised dollar for dollar. Go to for complete details and check out the cookie recipes on MyRecipes if you want to have your own cookie bake sale.

If you are involved in a cooke bake sale or any other charitable food event during the holiday season, we'd love to hear about it so we can share with our audience.