But only for a limited time.

In a year filled with days where it didn’t seem like there was much of a point in getting out of bed, it’s good to know that sugary cereal is still here to rouse us from our slumber. In fact, it’s been quite a year for innovation in that category, as evidenced by a Frosted Flakes-Froot Loops mashup, as well as the looming possibility of Dunkaroos cereal.

Continuing that trend of taking a classic cereal or snack and putting some sort of spin on it is this recently-discovered box of Cookies & Creme Krispies, which should be hitting US shelves “any day now” according to Instagram snack sourcing account @CandyHunting.

In essence, it’s the same familiar Rice Krispies format you’re used to, consisting of sweetened rice cereal that snaps, crackles, and pops as usual. This time, though, Crackle is holding a knockoff Oreo on the box to show you what’s changed. From the look of the cereal itself, it seems like we’re working with some creme-favored Krispies with little flecks of chocolate cookie taste.

While this seems like the perfect thing for people who want a crunchier, creamier take on Cookie Crisp, the cereal should be a real game changer for baking. Just think of it: instant cookies and creme Rice Krispies Treats without any extra ingredients. That’ll surely be a hit at your next online bake sale against racism.

Not that I encourage hoarding, but you might want to know that this is supposedly a special edition of Rice Krispies that likely won’t be around forever. So if you’re on the fence between picking up one and two boxes, I would recommend the latter.