Available in Scorpion BBQ and Volcano Queso.

By Tim Nelson
Updated June 22, 2020

By now, you’ve probably spent so much time eating out of sheer boredom that you’ve burned through all of your usual go-tos. Maybe you’re at the point where not even the spiciest of snacks provide you with the same fiery thrill that they once did. Truly, it must seem like a hopeless state of affairs.

Thankfully, there’s good news on the horizon for those who need a bit of visual stimuli with their snacking. According to evidence from Instagram snack spotter extraordinaire @CandyHunting and a product listing on Target’s website, it looks like some color-changing Takis will soon be headed to store shelves.

Based on the packaging for these cylindrical tortilla treats, it looks like we’ll be blessed with some Scorpion BBQ-flavored Takis that turn from a dark red to a bright neon blue, as well as a Volcano Queso variety that transitions from orange to green. For some reason, the whole thing reminds me of a crunchy, spicy, tightly-wrapped fruit rollup.

It’s unclear exactly what sort of food science wizardry gets a Taki to change its stripes. It must involve licking the chip in some capacity, given that the bags tout a “new color changing effect” with the image of a tongue that has turned green or blue depending on the limited-edition Taki flavor.

As mentioned, you can expect to find these at retailers like Target someday soon. Their website only has a listing for the Scorpion BBQ flavor at the moment, but you’d have to think they’ll also sell volcano queso because I mean who doesn’t like embarking on a spicy, cheesy adventure like that.

So let this be a lesson out there to other spicy chips: No longer can you ignore the visual component and just make your snack a bright shade of red. We eat with our eyes first, and you’re going to need to step your game up.