Credit: Instagram u/threesnackateers

You know the worst part about cookie dough ice cream? All that ice cream.

There’s nothing wrong with it—it just gets in the way of all those sweet, sweet balls of delicious dough.

Clearly, Cold Stone gets it. The creamery is working on creating pints of (what we assume is) edible cookie dough, according to junk food Instagram account @threesnackateers.

“Our sources tell us this product is still in development, so no set dates for release, but we'll keep you posted as more info becomes available,” the caption states of the pints, which were spotted at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago.

So, yeah. We don’t know much—or really anything—about Cold Stone’s new product. We don’t even really know if the cookie dough is ready-to-eat or if it’s meant to be cooked, though we assume it’ll be safe to snack on with a spoon.

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There’s a growing market for safe-to-eat cookie dough, especially after warnings against consuming raw dough from the CDC and food borne illness scares from allegedly edible cookie dough restaurants.

Basically, all we know about the pints is that they’ll come in two flavors: Dough for It and Somewhere Over the Rain Dough.

We reached out to Cold Stone for more information—we’ll keep you updated.