Quick thinking and caffeine saved the day.

The morning coffee is a powerful ritual. For those who shuffle out of bed, out the door, and onward to work, some days that cup of joe can feel like the only thing keeping us alive

Though that’s obviously a bit of an exaggeration for us humans, a recent story out of Canada proves that coffee can be a literal lifesaver when it comes to kittens. Last week, Canadian oil worker Kendall Diswich was out on the job in Alberta when he happened upon three tiny kittens in the snow. “Poor things were frozen into the ice, so they had to have been there all night,” he wrote in a Facebook post detailing his discovery and subsequent heroism.

When only one cat was able to get free on its own, the quick-thinking Diswich went back to his pickup truck to grab his morning coffee. Luckily, it was still hot enough to melt the snow so that the other two cats (who are seen attempting to lap up the coffee in a video Diswich posted) could get free.

Thankfully, the tale of the frozen tabbies freed by coffee has a happy ending. Diswich’s post says that he took the cats home, where he fed them and gave them water, adding that “they look to be healthy and friendly.” A further update revealed that all three “little rascals” went to a new home together, keeping the tabby trio of the Albertan tundra intact.

So let that be a lesson to you: you never know when a cup of coffee will come in handy for some totally unexpected reason. And if you’re one of those people who orders iced coffee even in the dead of winter, try and think of the kittens next time.