Who is this for, though?

In modern society, it’s hard to get through the day at a mind-numbing desk job without uninterrupted access to a steady drip of caffeine. From coffee to tea to soda to energy drinks, there are a wide variety of options for anyone in need of a power-up. With that said, I don’t know that anyone was exactly clamoring for a clever way to combine soda and coffee in a single can.

But here we are nevertheless, thanks to the impending launch of “Coca-Cola with Coffee.” It’s an unholy hybrid beverage whose name doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

According to @CandyHunting, a steady source of snack and soda release data, it seems that the Coca-Cola company plans to finally introduce its long-rumored line of bean and corn syrup based beverages in April of 2020. Billed as “Coca-Cola with Coffee… [and] other natural flavors,” the first wave of the odd beverage will include Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel flavors.

At the very least, evidence suggests that this fusion of Coke and coffee is true to its word. Rather than just mimicking a coffee flavor, earlier information about the product launch notes this is, in fact, a new formulation of the signature soda that includes actual coffee. Most importantly, it’s expected that Coca-Cola with Coffee will feature more caffeine content than your average can of Coke.

Though it seems like an idea this silly must have come out of nowhere, there is international precedence for combining coffee and soda within the Coca-Cola product portfolio. The company first tried to get the beverage combo to take off with Coca-Cola Blak in 2006, but the soda soon flopped. However, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee or Coca-Cola With Coffee is already on sale in places like Italy, Australia, and Thailand, among others.

It turns out the coffee/cola concept isn’t even unique to Coca-Cola, either. As @CandyHunting states in the caption, Pepsi plans to launch its own “Pepsi Café” line in April as well. It sounds like they’ve been trying to crack the coffee/cola code as far back as 1996, when they first tested out something called Pepsi Kona.

The most important question is this: does anyone actually want to drink soda and coffee at the same time? Will this just taste like a coffee with tons of added sugar, or something else entirely? Who knows for sure, but the existence of Coca-Cola with Coffee has to be huge news for the people who have at least three beverages on their desk at the same time. God bless ‘em.