Cool, graceful, dry, and boozy—this classic gin cocktail is certainly one worth admiring.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz
Updated June 19, 2017
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Today is National Martini Day; and while I know literally no one, including myself, measures the passing of time by (or generally gives a flying flip about) the arbitrary food holidays assigned to each calendar date…today, June 19th, feels borderline significant to me. The martini is my go-to cocktail for a swank evening out, it is my liquor elixir of choice when I hit my couch after a long day, ordering it is generally a key factor in judging how much I like a new-to-me restaurant or bar (trust me, you can tell a lot just based on how the bartender or server responds to your ordering a martini). Because it is all of these things to me—I feel a sense of obligation to pause this Monday afternoon and raise a theoretical glass to the timeless 3-ingredient beauty.

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M is for the magical forest I’m transported to after a couple of sips. It’s a forest lush with with the aromas of soothing botanicals, far away from anything ill or evil. It’s a great place to chill.

A is for all the fancy-pants ingredients and equipment and hip mixologist vibes you do not need in order to make this drink yourself. Beautiful in its simplicity, a real deal martini requires only gin, dry vermouth, your garnish of choice, and ice in terms of ingredients. And you only need something to stir with/in, and a strainer in terms of equipment. Oh, and… you may want some pretty martini glasses. Just because.

R is for regal AF. That is how you look with a martini in hand.

T is for two—the max number of martinis I should consume in any given evening. More than two, and that whole “regal AF” thing is out the window.

I is for the paper-thin layer of cool, delicate ice flakes covering the surface of your cocktail that signifies you have a grade-A martini in front of your face. Congratulations.

N is for no, I don’t want an olive, or any olive juice, in my martini. No offense if dirty is how you roll, but I believe in a clean, pristine martini—with just a lemon twist, please.

In case you forgot, a martini consists of three components: gin, dry vermouth, garnish (generally an olive or lemon twist). No Schnapps, no chocolate, no fruit juice… gin, dry vermouth, and garnish. And vodka, well, that’s a debate for a different day.

If you share a similar uncompromising affection for this graceful and dry cocktail, whip one up with our Classic Martini recipe and get your #MartiniMonday celebration on.