The first time I had this recipe was at a Supper Club gathering a few years ago. The theme was cinnamon, and when you open it up to include savory dishes, you are quickly introduced to all sorts of yumminess. After my first bite, I was totally hooked. To say this Cinnamon-Pancetta Carbonara is swoon-worthy would be an understatement.

The recipe originally comes from Giada De Laurentiis, the Italian chef that reigns supreme on the Food Network. Her recipes, much like the Barefoot Contessa's, are simple and classic. They work well for weeknights when time is short, but are equally at home at the dinner table when you're entertaining guests. They don't require too much in the way of fussiness ... either in the form of ingredients or gadgetry. And I like that. Simple yet delicious.

  • Although you might think it a little odd to use cinnamon in a savory dish, this is a great way to start treading the waters of cinnamon savoriness because in this recipe, it's really just the lightest hint of it. But just enough to make you tilt your head and think "hmm, what is that?" In the very best way possible.
  • Whether this hits your table with your family after work, or you save it for entertaining, I assure you that your tastebuds will thank you. Dig in.

See the recipe for Cinnamon-Pancetta Carbonara.