Free Cinnadust not included.

By Tim Nelson
Updated September 02, 2020

Anyone with functioning taste buds and the ability to eat solid foods is probably well aware that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a pretty great cereal. I mean, even the dust at the bottom of every box is so good that it’s worthy of becoming a condiment.

Since there are just about a million reasons to eat and enjoy Cinnamon Toast Crunch, General Mills has appropriately decided to effectively give away one million boxes of the sugary cereal during the month of September. From September 2 through the end of the month, buying a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in store (or online, if that’s your thing) can entitle you to a rebate that essentially gives you free cereal.

Once you buy your box, all you really have to do to claim your rebate is visit and upload your receipt to claim up to $6.50 (excluding tax) in rebate credit. For whatever reason, the offer isn’t good in Rhode Island, Connecticut, North Dakota, or Miami-Dade county, but CTC-heads in the rest of the other 47 states (plus DC, US territories, and military addresses) are eligible to claim that ‘Toast Crunch credit.

Credit: General Mills

General Mills

One million boxes might seem ambitious, but it seems like cereal has had something of a resurgence at a time when quarantine has shaken up our breakfast habits. According to a press release, General Mills says its cereal business grew 26 percent in the previous quarter, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch simultaneously becoming America’s second-biggest cereal brand.

But who really cares about brand rankings and revenue and all that nonsense? All that matters is that you can get Cinnamon Toast Crunch for free (after rebate) in September through an incredibly simple process. For once, going through the whole rebate rigamarole sounds like it’s actually worth it.